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To whom it may concern

John McGuire Naturopath, York City Health Centre, has been treating both competitors and non competitors from many of the gyms, training schools and organization associated with the International Kickboxing Association for the past 19 years (1989). Including my Martial Arts gyms, Murdoch’s Workshop P/L and fight gym’s Heng Kuai Fighting Arts, Wyong FiteNfitness and Tamworth Fighting Arts.

As one of Australia’s leading trainers of kickboxing, Thai Boxing and general Martial Arts fitness, I have John McGuire (York City Health Centre) as an important part of our competition program in improving both their stamina and recovery phase post training. John’s contribution has helped in securing two World kickboxing titles with champions, Robert Murdoch Jnr 1997 and Benjamin Steel 2000; there are many more National and International champions that are too many to list. The elite fitness level they reach is a credit to all that are associated with their training, and it is without doubt the influence that stems from John McGuire is an essential part of their program.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Murdoch

Dear John,

Here is the quote from the official report on the seminar that I led in April:

“The seminar leader role was multi tasked, ranging from the seminar leader being the main point of contact for all seminar matters, to greeting and introducing presenters, managing and monitoring sessions to ensure they flowed well and conformed to time limits, and compering and being the Master of Ceremonies. ANZIIF’s consultant subject matter expert, Colin Packham did an outstanding job – he attended every session, engaged the delegates and was tireless in providing support to both delegates and presenters.”

John, I could not have done it without your help (especially the tireless bit!). Many thanks; we’re going to do another one next year!

Kind regards,

Colin Packham
Reinsurance Consultant


A work colleague recommended that I see John McGuire as I was concerned about becoming forgetful and was also having a little trouble with reflux. After a few visits John suggested that I have a full blood test as he privately suspected that there could be a problem. After some investigation the various tests showed that I had a very small cancer blocking the gall bladder. My doctor and surgeon both commented that it was the smallest cancer they had seen and were amazed that it had been diagnosed in the first place. I phoned John to cancel my next appointment and to tell him that I was being admitted for surgery to remove the cancer, nothing more.

On returning to John after the operation, his first words were “well, was it anything to do with the gall?”. This was five years ago, and I have been clear ever since. As a result I have continued to see John with problems relating to the operation and other side issues, finding him to be very caring and knowledgeable, giving his patients his full attention at all times and I have complete confidence in his ability to look after my health.

Maris Wild



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